Brenda believes in efficient and effective local government that sticks to its designated role and gets the job done for everyday Houstonians.


As your commissioner for Precinct 3, Brenda will fight to ensure that our roads are maintained at the highest quality and your tax dollars are used wisely and effectively. The Current Commissioners Court recently diverted $9 million from CC3 and CC4 (Commissioner Cagle) even though our Precinct is hands down the fastest growing in the County. This is simply unacceptable. Maintaining our roads is a core function of County Government, and Brenda will fight every day to deliver for the constituents of CC3.

Public Safety

Our current County Government is endangering the safety of our community. They are forcing a catch and release policy where dangerous criminals are being detained and quickly released upon the law-abiding citizens that the County is supposed to represent. Having served as the Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee Chair on City Council, Brenda has the experience needed to address these issues. As your Commissioner, Brenda will combat these policies at every turn and work to keep our community safe and look after our first responders.

Flood Control

Harris County oversees massive amounts of money that should go towards flood mitigation but has been slow to arrive. Brenda will go to bat for residents in CC3 and ensure that flood money is spent in a timely manner and spent on areas that flood, not based on so-called social equity. She will be your voice on Commissioners Court.

Fiscal Responsibility

As a City Council Member, Brenda has a proven record of being a budget hawk and standing up to the Mayor on his liberal spending policies. She believes we must manage the County budget in a way that prioritizes our “must-haves.” Brenda wants to take her proven record of watching every dollar spent to the County level to hold our liberal County Judge accountable for her overspending ways.